Jan Brink

Being an active member in the Lynden chapter of WSMTA provides my piano students
opportunities to participate in student recitals, musicianship exams, the Young Composers
Project, and piano adjudications.  Since 1974, many of my students have participated in these
musical endeavors.

My piano lessons began in the 4th grade and continued in college, along with other music
classes, and choir/soloist accompaniment.  I have taken many piano pedagogy classes,
including the Robert Pace method of teaching piano, and continue taking advantage of
seminars and conferences to increase my knowledge and understanding of music.  
Accompanying the Lynden Choral Society is one of my enjoyable community experiences,
and I enjoy accompanying worship services in my church.

Currently I am not taking new students.

To contact me please email jbrink1122@comcast.net