Rachel Lee began teaching piano in high school 18 years ago, and was intrigued by watching
children progress in piano skills and decided to pursue teaching music.

In addition to teaching methods leading into classical repertoire, she teaches intermediate students
harmonizing method for improvising accompaniment for any songs by using chords. She acquired
this method during her training at Junamok Music Academy in her early years of training.  

Rachel Lee received Bachelors of Arts degree in Music at Western Washington University with
emphasis on applied piano, general music, accompanying and composition, having a tremendous
honor of studying with award-winning and internationally recognized scholars of music and
phenomenal and dedicated music educators such as Milica Jelaca-Jovanovic, Roger Briggs, Tim
Fitzpatrick, Jeffrey Gilliam (Western Washington University), Phyllis Pieffer and Bob Richardson
(Grays Harbor College), whose teaching and devotion to music have become an ongoing
inspiration in her musical journey.

She has been enjoying playing the piano in the Jazz band in high school and college, as an
accompanist and choir director for church services, and as a pianist for musical theatre
productions in the community. Currently, she is serving as a pianist at Cultivator Church in
Langley, BC.

Her goal as a musician is to play the music that reaches the hearts of both herself and listeners
and to compose worship songs, scriptural songs, and contemporary classical music for different

Her goal as a music instructor is to introduce music to every child in ways they can explore and
have fun. She is an advocate for music, promoting academic, neurological, psychological, social,
artistic and many other benefits of playing musical instruments or singing.  She aspires to train
individuals of all age to become life-long musicians who will not only enjoy playing and writing
music but also use their musical skills, work ethic and self-discipline and become a successful
individual influencing school,  the church, local community, and our country.  In current time of
technology consuming our young generation’s time and mind, she will  continue to pursue her role
of passing down the legacy of quality music-making which has magnificently cultivated our society
both locally and globally for centuries.
Rachel Lee